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实验室的机子要被占,要搬出来,所以得把资料整理一下。发现一个原来研一英语课上做representation的ppt,题目是介绍一位自己喜欢的歌手。那次第一次上台做英报告,呵呵。我喜欢缓慢而伤感,有些沉重的歌。在一位同学日记上看到介绍Damien Rice的,然后喜欢上了他的歌。研一那一年骑车时候基本都是这些歌,高中时最郁闷的时候经常听的是王菲和齐秦。一段时间狂听某些歌好像已经成了习惯,然后偶尔再听到的时候当时的情景自然就浮现了,音乐也是一种好的记忆载体。

Damien Rice


Damien Rice is an Irish Rock singer.Two studio albums: O in 2003, and 9 in 2006.He was born and raised in Ireland,a country which is rich in country music, poets, singers. When He was young, music and drawing attract him. Rice was a member of the rock band Juniper.Having released the singles “The World Is Dead” and “Weatherman” in Ireland during 1998.

Rice left the band to pursue a solo career. His Juniper band mates later became Bell X1.

Rice’s first solo album is O, which was released in 2003 and a true contender for one of the best albums of 2003, won the Shotlist Music Prize.Rice’s style is simplity. The cover of this album is a beige hand painted portraits of the two small chiledren, which was drawed by himsefl. This is am simple folk album. This album contains a large number of hollow guitar chords , easy and simple percussion, drowning, backwards vocals, and low_key accompaniment .

Rice is master of what critic called “the unknown tongue” — basically the musical equivalent of the “punctum” in photos, Rice’s emtional singing brings me a sad ,clean and sophisticated intimate space. Three years later, following extensive promotion of O in Ireland and further success worldwide, Rice released his second studio album 9 in 2006.

好听的专辑: 9

   1. 9 crimes

  1. the animals were gone
  2. elephant
  3. rootless tree
  4. dogs
  5. coconut skins
  6. me, my yoke and i
  7. grey room
  8. accidental babies
    1. sleep don’t weep
      9 crimes最好听,适合半夜失眠。MV拍得很吸引人,在这里,我当时课上放的就是这个MV,非常惊艳,课后还有同学问我要这个。另有个评论感觉写得非常不错。
      Cold water浮躁繁杂的时候,就来听听这样一首像诗歌般的曲子,这也是电影《偷心》的片尾插曲。木吉他很有感觉,以后有时间学学,呵呵。

还有这首The Blowers Daughter非常不错。

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